How the Purpose of Belts Changed

Soldiers from the ancient civilisation hung tools and weapons from their belts and for this obvious practical advantage, belts became instantly popular. You can think of the images we saw of knights and crusaders who came at least a millennium later yet they drew their swords from the colts which they hung in their belts. Fast forward more and you can remember how cowboys drew pistols from their belts. Even today, you can see how the policemen keep their weapon, handcuffs, radios and other tools hanging from their belts. The tradition of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisation is still alive.

Indeed it was the soldiers who kept the concept of belts alive, even for decorative purposes. In the nineteenth century, we can see how the European officers used belts to dress in the uniform. They not only hung their weapon from the belt but they it also emphasised their soldier-like physical structure, a narrow waist with wide shoulders and chest. Women also did the same, however, they used sashes from the same dress material to obtain this effect.

In the modern age, belts serve two purposes, we use it for the practical purpose of holding our pants in place and also to make a fashion statement. Belt and even separate components of belt, like buckles and straps are widely available. You can, however, find the belt buckles for men online only as you can compare hundreds of products and get the best rates as well.

The History of Leather Belts

Luxury leather belts are both fashionable and popular for men. While we all use belts to hold our pants in place, we are unaware of the history of belts. The use of belts is, at least, two thousand years old. Leather has been the best choice since the dawn of civilization because they are sturdy, durable, strong yet supple.

The ancient Egyptians always carried leather bags and pouches but the first example of leather belts we know are from Ancient Greek and Roman civilization. They were not fashionable but were worn for practical reasons. They were not used to hold the pants in place either as people used to were tunic and robes. However, belts were extensively used to carry weapons, tools, purses, pouches and more which used to be hung from the belt, People wore sashes and straps for carrying various things even in the Bronze Age. However, Greeks and Romans refined the idea and wore what we call the modern day belt. We have seen many historical films where the Greek or Roman soldiers drew their swords from the belts and this is, in fact, historically correct.

Coming back to the modern age, leather belts are worn for the original purpose of holding the pants in place as well as for making a fashion statement. Personalized belts and buckles are available for the fashion conscious people as well. If the strap is worn out, one can opt for leather belt strap replacement instead of buying a whole new belt.

Personalised Belt Makes You Distinguished

Personalized items make a man stand out from the crowd. Be it a signature style wristwatch or the belt, there is always something special and magnetic about personalized items. Men, however, mostly stayed away from fashion, traditionally and stereo typically, and continued to stick to what they believed to work, be it the dress code for the office or a night out with friends. This is detrimental to the confidence because wearing the right clothes for the right moments makes you feel confident and comfortable. Most men can choose a pair of pants and a shirt together with moderate success. The problem is we, the men, are done there. We don’t pay much attention to our shoes or belts. This is where the trouble starts.

Brown leather belts, for example, are very popular among male of every age and every location. And there are many styles available in this, for the belt part and the buckle part. How these two can work in tandem to bring you a distinguished look? It needs little effort from you and a keen sense of choice. You can always go for personalized leather belts for men where you choose the belt and the buckle separately and the maker finishes the product, for your waist size and the width of the belt you want. Once you have the belt, ensure that it fits.

This little investment, yes it would cost more than a ready made belt, will go a long way to make you stand apart from the mass.

What to Consider While Buying A Belt

Belts were invented to hold your pants in place. Nowadays, belts are used as fashion accessories by men and women. It is not difficult to find a belt which goes with your fashion statement and your personality. In this article, we will find points which you need to consider when buying a belt of your choice. Hopefully, you can buy a good belt for yourself by following these points.

As we said before, belts are straps to hold your pants in place. Most belts are made up of leather or heavy clothes because they are durable and flexible materials. Belts play an important role in expressing the personality and style of the wearer, like any other fashion accessory. As leather belts are the most popular among all, different styles of leather belts are available in the market.

The first point to consider would be the size of leather belts. A well chosen belt is a belt which is in proportion with the body structure of the wearer. As it also expresses your personality, you should spend some time, checking out all the available options. Make sure that the belt is about 4 inches longer than your waistline. Anything longer would look absurd and anything shorter will simply not fit. Generally speaking, you can find the length of the belt on the package itself. If you are buying formal leather belts online, you can find these details among the product descriptions.

You should also have a look at the width of the belt. You can choose belts of different widths, according to your taste. However, the body structure of the wearer is again important because too narrow a belt on a heavyweight is as absurd as too wide a belt on a thinly built man. Generally speaking, a belt with a width of around 1.5 inches would go great with almost everyone and with almost any trouser or pair of jeans. You can choose other width for yourself, if you are comfortable in wearing those.

Coming to the buckle of the belt, you have a few options here as well. First of all, the buckle is the most prominent and important part of any belt. Narrow and flat buckles generally go well with almost every belt and look great on every wearer. If you are dressing formally, you should choose these buckles. You can choose flashy, big buckles if you plan to use them with casual clothes.

Invest on a Silver Belt Buckle For Elevated Style Quotient

It is easy to look fashionable, irrespective of the gender, without spending a fortune on clothes. While belt buckles are not too big of an accessory, in fact, it is not an accessory but a part of an accessory, they can really help to change the style of the wearer. Buying them is easy as well, thanks to the advent of internet. You can find so many different designs of belts on the internet. Some of those designs would go really well with your existing belts.

These buckles are great for anyone who wants to enhance the look of his belts, consequently his complete look. Buying quality belt buckles for men also has the advantage of getting customised and unique designs which is hard to find in the market. Silver buckles can be a great option as they are precious, durable and attractive. They will never go out of fashion either. You can also stud the buckle with precious stones. Some sellers allow you to modify the design of the buckle before buying it.

These buckles are really sturdy which means you can use them daily without ruining them. Moreover, they ooze beauty and class. In short, silver belt buckles are a worthy investment. You can find sporty buckles as well, if you are the adventurous type. There are other variations for men and women both. You can choose a buckle which represents your personality traits.

Football themed silver buckles are good example of sporty buckles. You can have the logo of your favourite team on the buckle or the national flag of the country you support. You can find officially licensed accessories from different sellers. Although the rate might be slightly higher than the unofficial version, that would be worth it. High quality silver buckles can be found for both men and women.

You can also choose the horse and cowboy designs. They represent the countryside life and you can find these buckles excessively, in almost every fashion show. There are variations of the horse design as s well. You can have jumping, running or grazing horse engravings on the buckle. Some other buckles might have the head of a horse or two.

You should buy these buckles only from reputed sellers. The cheapest alternative might not be a great idea as this is a costly item and you get what you pay for. You can find more information on the internet.

Buy Your Leather Belts with Caution

Fashion conscious people want to look trendy and thus, they stay updated of the newest fashion trends and the newest arrivals on the world market. Clothes are not fashion, it is one of the aspects of fashion and there are more, including accessories, in fashion. Belt is such an accessory for men. The original purpose of belt was to hold the pants and the trousers in place. However, today it is much more than that and it is a fashion statement by itself. No dressing is complete without belts and it is a must-have accessory, even if the pants fit you perfectly. As the tradition is, we are judged by what we wear and custom leather belts for men elevate the social status of the wearer. Belts are made from a variety of materials but leather belts are simply the true classic. They create an impression like nothing else.

With the increase of demand, the belt makers are also coming up with different fashions and styles for leather belts. You, literally, have thousands of options to choose from, in the market. You can check the local belt selling showrooms or you can go online and buy from the online sellers. There are different designs and functionalities of belts to choose from, including Italian leather, funky belts, hand-crafted belts, auto lock belts and more. Frankly, with so many options available, you can always find something which would perfectly go with your attire and the occasion. However, don’t buy the cheapest belt you would find. You get what you pay for and thus, you should buy leather belts only from a reputed seller. Buying leather belts is a pricey affair.

Many would think that buying leather belt is not a fun job but if you have the proper guidance, you can get it done easily. We would advise you to spend some time on the internet, learning more about leather belts. Don’t buy something which would go out of the fashion easily. Don’t buy something just to hang along with your collection of belts either. Buy a belt which would express how your personality is. You should buy medium width as too narrow or too wide belts are just fads and would go out of fashion very easily. You can buy different colours but if you want a single colour to match everything, try the classic black or brown belts.

Why Belts Are Essential For Men’s Fashion?

For long Custom leather belt straps have been important components of the men’s wear as they denoted social status of the individual in the society. Similarly, in the modern world, they continue to hold a position of importance in the fashion wear. Whether it is trouser or jeans, they are tied around the waist to induce impeccable style of their own. Some other factors that make the belts indispensable are as follows:

High quality leather:

A good quality leather is all that is required to make the belt a class product. Once worn, it plays an important role in the reduction of the size of the tummy at least by appearance. In addition, the durability of the leather makes the belt long lasting. Moreover, it can also be worn with boot cut jeans to impart a cowboy look and feel.

Classical appearance:

Belts have classical appearance that would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. Plaque style is also very famous and can be worn both with the trousers as well as belts. You can also combine it with suit and look different while attending office or a party. There are online stores that comprises of lots of brands that are exclusive and available in multiple colors. You can purchase the stylish Giovanni belt that can be customized according to the preferences of the customers. All one needs to do is to input the size and get the product styled in desirable shape. Generally the material used in making the belt is high quality cow leather.

Special belts:

Ratchet belt sports new style with angled teeth used to open and close the buckle. The product doesn’t have any hole as the belt operates with the help of rail notches. With the help of the micro adjustment technology, it is possible to induce the tension required to make the belt tight fit. While choosing the product, either you can buy the brand or buy third party belts but care should be taken about quality. Top names such as Giovanni provides warranty on the belts while the unbranded ones do not offer any claims.

Customization is a boon for the purchasers as they can easily tweak the belts and synchronize their style with the apparels they wear. As far as the buckles are concerned, they can be created in different shapes and sizes with minimum effort. Combined with belts, they become the center of attraction of the people.

Advantages Of Belt Buckles For Men

It is true that belts have been important parts of the men’s fashion since ancient era. It is accompanied by buckle to impart style however there are other benefits of the metallic frame fixed on the leather product. Some of them are as follows:

Box frame style:

One of the best belt buckles for men online belongs to the box frame category that captures the attention of the people. They are small and more suitable to formal wear. If you are going to a party with trousers and shirts on, the buckles are the way to go. They not on only appear exclusive but would grab eye balls in plenty especially during the public meeting and functions.

Imparting strength to the belt:

Buckles are used to hold the belt in an impeccable manner. They ensure the longevity of the belt while maintaining the stranglehold over the waist. Box out buckle is also used along with modern belts because it is highly fashionable and reminds people of the vintage past. Regarded as attractive propositions, they have become the center of attraction for the people. Generally such buckles are made of synthetic leather and can withstand rough usage without any hassles.

Traditional and contemporary theme:

Buckles are available in traditional and contemporary style for the users. They are quite popular among different types of people. For instance, the young crowd may prefer contemporary styled buckles with modern shapes while the older lot would opt for the vintage Belt buckles are made of numerous materials such as nickel and brass that are tough and durable.

Skull and cross bones buckle:

Gothic style increasingly fascinates people in love with the darker side of the life. Oval buckle is also very stylish especially when it sports Western Cowboy style. When worn with jeans and boots, the product gels with the leather belts to ensure consistent style. Brilliant colors are supplemented by superb design and can become the show stopper while going for the red carpet event:

Quality is the king:

While selecting the buckle make sure that it is made of high quality material. Substandard material gets twisted and causes more harm than good to the users. While purchasing buckles log on to the reputed online website and choose among thousands of products. It is bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users both in terms of cost and affordability. The only aspects that have to be taken care off are the quality and style.

Choose Leather Belts Online Wisely

Formal leather belts complete the formal dress code. It is essential for certain occasions, including meetings and interviews. Leather belts are essential when you are wearing suits or formal trousers. Formal belts are also essential when you really wish to look classy. And finally, leather bets are evergreen; they would never go out of style and never would be unfit for formal dress code.

Formal leather belts are available in different sizes and widths. Thus, these two are to be checked carefully before buying formal leather belts online. To start with the size, you should choose a size which is well proportioned to your body structure. Too long belts would look absurd while too short a belt wouldn’t simply tie. The end of the belt, after you tie it, should be around 8 inches more than your waist. That would give you the excess length to tuck the end in the loops properly.

You should pay attention to the width of the belt as well. You can find belts according to the present trend. While doing that, you should ensure that the belt would fit in properly in the loops of your pants. You can find belts of medium width which are always in trend. In fact, if your belt is wider than two inches, they can go with informal clothing as well. Finally, you should also go for evergreen colours like black or brown if you want to belt to be compatible with most of your clothes.

How to Maintain Your Original Leather Belts

A fancy gift which is often gifted to men or which men take much pleasure in getting to acquire is the evergreen original leather belt. But as much as it is a prized possession, if not taken properly care of, it might very quickly turn into a very expensive waste. Let’s take a look into the process of making original leather belts for men and how to take care of them.

Original leather belts for men are made of animals’ scarf-skins and that too after necessary treatments have been processed by chemicals. One of its feature is that it is permeable to air which leave a very natural feel of smoothness, flexibility and softness. Remember that leather is very tricky as a material to take care of since subjected to sweat or high temperature, it will become loose.

Be mindful not to let your leather belts soak in water since it will shorten its lifetime. The best way to clean it is to use a wet towel to clean its inside, then another dry one to wrap it so as all the moistures are being absorbed and finally hand it somewhere where it may dry quickly.

Another aspect to consider while taking care of leather belts is that it needs to be oiled regularly. Not the kind of oiling which machinery or vehicles need but more of the kind of oiling your skin needs. The ones which are advisable are the same colour oils but do not lay too much oil on it, just enough so as it retains its shine.