Sir, For The Best Belt, Go For The Custom Men’s Leather Belts!

If you are a man and would like to offer you a beautiful leather belt, here are some tips to help you make the right choice. The belt evidently adapts and in the first place to the morphology of each. So choose a belt to the right size. The leather belt manufactured in an artisanal way has the advantage more often than not to be created to measure, thus, this belt can adapt immediately to the pants on which it will be placed and therefore to the morphology of the person who will have ordered the belt.

Corpulence also plays an essential role because some gentlemen have a round belly, although they are small, some are small, others are tall and depending on how the person is, the belt will be worn adapted to each person. For a matter of comfort and for a purchase you will not regret, it will be advisable to do buy the best quality. The choices of the belt for a man is associated with the colour of the shoes, so for the color, think beforehand to the colour of your shoes in the dressing room. Anyway, just one belt is not enough, so think about it too! It is best to go for custom mens leather belts which will give you the advantage of adapting well to your morphology.

Maintenance of a beautiful leather belt

A leather belt is always refined, elegant, and resistant especially if you know how to take good care of it. The belt often worn comes to wear, the leather then presents defects. To avoid these inconveniences, it is therefore necessary to rub it regularly with a colourless nourishing cream dedicated to the leather, then to store your belt, it is necessary to avoid folding it because it can create cracks not aesthetic on the leather.


How To Accessorize An Outfit With Belts?

You now master a basic outfit, that’s fine. But maybe you want to move to higher level: have a more personal style. The simplest solution? The accessories, which make it possible to achieve efficiently, without taking too great financial risk in case of artistic crash.

Accessories are the perfect way to express your own sensitivity. Besides bringing personality it also has a practical role. It is therefore necessary to find the right balance between aesthetic aspect and functional aspect. The belt is necessarily one of the first accessories to be looked at since you can wear it all year. And with all sorts of stockings! Chino, suit pants, shorts, jeans and so on. Above all, know that a beautiful belt should not be too imposing; at the risk of appear coarse or ostentatious. The most elegant are usually fairly thin and the buckle should also be discreet. Choose it in beautiful leather with vegetal tanning that will ensure you a beautiful patina in time. Make sure that your belt’s leather is of high quality and also consider maintaining it. You can take a look at custom leather belts for men if you need aspirations to make it unique.

Should I tie my belt and my shoes? Ideally yes. It is advisable to at least keep the colours between them: brown belt with brown shoes. On the other hand, you can take a little more freedom with regard to materials. A smooth leather belt will not necessarily go with suede leather shoes, if the colours are tuned.

A Unique Gift: The Printed Personalised Leather Belt!

The time of the year is here again where you will need to give your partner a birthday gift. If your partner is a woman then there are so many gift ideas that you will be confused but when it comes to give something special to a man, well, there’s this much of perfume or watch he can collect! This is where personalised leather belts for men have eased our life!

You cannot find the right belt for your partner or even for yourself? Look no further, there are custom leather belt waiting for you and all your creations. Whether you’re looking for a belt for some occasions or for everyday wear, you can decide on the style of your photo belt. The photos will appear printed on the leather belt and you can send photos showing your precious time spent together. You can also try out your favourite cartoon characters and while some people like to add moody characters other like to print their pets.

If you are looking for a special gift, personalized leather belts for men are the perfect present, everyone needs a belt, and you never get enough! Personalize it for your loved ones. You know their tastes and what’s missing in their wardrobe? Then take a look at the range of personalized leather belts for men online and awaken the artist who sleeps in you! Send your design, your photos, your images and why not text, everything will appear on your belt! Affirm your style with customized leather belt!

How To Choose A Belt Correctly?


After selecting the model that suits you, the first thing to do is to choose the right size. Ideally, the needle should go through the 3rd hole when your belt is closed. As traditional models usually have five holes, the rendering is more harmonious when the buckle stops on the middle one. Moreover, the band should not protrude too much once inserted in the loop of your pants.

The Colour

Same goes for colour! On a formal outfit, we will try to match the colour of the belt with that of the shoes: we create a reminder between the elements of the outfit, without making too much. Be careful not to go too far from the classic black or brown, sober and efficient. On a casual look, one can afford a little more freedom. The suede leathers offer a wide range of colours to consider in a casual look. This can be the occasion to twister your outfit, to bring a touch of unexpected or, on the contrary, to recall an accessory. In short, have fun.

The buckle

On a formal belt, the only conceivable loop is rectangular (or very slightly rounded), silvered, with a single barb. Walleye or bronze seem to me too difficult to wear in the state and the original shapes (round, hexagonal …) bring an eccentricity that is not welcome on a classic look. In the same way, a double (or triple) barb would be too heavy on a belt not exceeding 3.5 cm in width. Think simplicity. I would add that a belt buckle matching the colour of a ring / watch can truly create a nice visual added-value. You can buy belt buckles for men online now and hence have a look before you create your own look.

Personalised Buckle: All You Need To Know To Make The Right Choice!

Personalized belt buckle is often worn to represent a part of a group such as a motorcycle. The clasp may also represent the occupation of a person such as a fire-fighter, police officer or member of the armed forces. This style buckle is adapted to the number individual unit, chapter or years of participation. Custom buckles come in a wide range of sizes and are made of tin or brass. Measurement buckles are purchased online or through the organization of the organ.

How to choose colour and shape?

I told you before; the base is to choose a solid brass buckle with a nice finish. But if you limit yourself to these criteria, you will see that the choice is still very broad. There are a lot of options of belt buckles for men online. Consult the online gallery before committing to any design. Let’s go directly to things to avoid:

• The rings: your belt will not hold well and it does not give a beautiful rendering.

• The stems: the again the hold is not ideal but especially there is, visually, a big feeling of lacking.

• Decorative buckles (usually with a big logo): NO. Simply put, it is not possible!

We therefore restrict our choice to a buckle that is said to be barbed. It can be simple double or triple. As I do not like too much when there are too many frills I have a preference for a simple pin. Let us now turn to the form. The best known advice on this is the following:

• Women’s round buckle / square buckle for men

Types Of Belt Buckles Mostly Used

A belt buckle is used to connect two ends of a belt to hold pants in place. Belt buckles are worn for other reasons too, including self-expression and also display some souvenirs. These reasons determine the material to be used, as well as the design. Belt buckle designs include western, cowboy, collectors, custom styles and also quality belt buckles.

Western style buckles are worn for self expression, as well as prevention of the user’s pants falls. The traditional version of this style of buckle usually gives very complex designs that are engraved in metal and adorned with silver or turquoise stones. The modern version of this belt buckle is made of silver or brass and is often decorated with weapons, animals, state emblems or images of Far West. The average size of the Western style buckle is 2.5 inches high by 3.25 inches wide.

Collector’s buckles are worn to give someone a kind of feeling of belonging to a specific group. There are hundreds of styles of collector buckles available where hunting, fishing, sports teams, beers, cartoon characters or favourite groups belong. These types of buckles are usually made of tin and brass, coloured enamel for underlining purposes. The average size of this belt buckle is 2 inches high by 2.38 inches wide. Buckles collectors can be bought in stores, concerts, events or online sports.

You can easily go for any type of belt buckle which suit your purpose or your taste but be sure that whichever you go for choose always quality belt buckles. They will last longer and they also give out a kind of unique dignity.

How the Purpose of Belts Changed

Soldiers from the ancient civilisation hung tools and weapons from their belts and for this obvious practical advantage, belts became instantly popular. You can think of the images we saw of knights and crusaders who came at least a millennium later yet they drew their swords from the colts which they hung in their belts. Fast forward more and you can remember how cowboys drew pistols from their belts. Even today, you can see how the policemen keep their weapon, handcuffs, radios and other tools hanging from their belts. The tradition of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisation is still alive.

Indeed it was the soldiers who kept the concept of belts alive, even for decorative purposes. In the nineteenth century, we can see how the European officers used belts to dress in the uniform. They not only hung their weapon from the belt but they it also emphasised their soldier-like physical structure, a narrow waist with wide shoulders and chest. Women also did the same, however, they used sashes from the same dress material to obtain this effect.

In the modern age, belts serve two purposes, we use it for the practical purpose of holding our pants in place and also to make a fashion statement. Belt and even separate components of belt, like buckles and straps are widely available. You can, however, find the belt buckles for men online only as you can compare hundreds of products and get the best rates as well.

The History of Leather Belts

Luxury leather belts are both fashionable and popular for men. While we all use belts to hold our pants in place, we are unaware of the history of belts. The use of belts is, at least, two thousand years old. Leather has been the best choice since the dawn of civilization because they are sturdy, durable, strong yet supple.

The ancient Egyptians always carried leather bags and pouches but the first example of leather belts we know are from Ancient Greek and Roman civilization. They were not fashionable but were worn for practical reasons. They were not used to hold the pants in place either as people used to were tunic and robes. However, belts were extensively used to carry weapons, tools, purses, pouches and more which used to be hung from the belt, People wore sashes and straps for carrying various things even in the Bronze Age. However, Greeks and Romans refined the idea and wore what we call the modern day belt. We have seen many historical films where the Greek or Roman soldiers drew their swords from the belts and this is, in fact, historically correct.

Coming back to the modern age, leather belts are worn for the original purpose of holding the pants in place as well as for making a fashion statement. Personalized belts and buckles are available for the fashion conscious people as well. If the strap is worn out, one can opt for leather belt strap replacement instead of buying a whole new belt.

Personalised Belt Makes You Distinguished

Personalized items make a man stand out from the crowd. Be it a signature style wristwatch or the belt, there is always something special and magnetic about personalized items. Men, however, mostly stayed away from fashion, traditionally and stereo typically, and continued to stick to what they believed to work, be it the dress code for the office or a night out with friends. This is detrimental to the confidence because wearing the right clothes for the right moments makes you feel confident and comfortable. Most men can choose a pair of pants and a shirt together with moderate success. The problem is we, the men, are done there. We don’t pay much attention to our shoes or belts. This is where the trouble starts.

Brown leather belts, for example, are very popular among male of every age and every location. And there are many styles available in this, for the belt part and the buckle part. How these two can work in tandem to bring you a distinguished look? It needs little effort from you and a keen sense of choice. You can always go for personalized leather belts for men where you choose the belt and the buckle separately and the maker finishes the product, for your waist size and the width of the belt you want. Once you have the belt, ensure that it fits.

This little investment, yes it would cost more than a ready made belt, will go a long way to make you stand apart from the mass.

What to Consider While Buying A Belt

Belts were invented to hold your pants in place. Nowadays, belts are used as fashion accessories by men and women. It is not difficult to find a belt which goes with your fashion statement and your personality. In this article, we will find points which you need to consider when buying a belt of your choice. Hopefully, you can buy a good belt for yourself by following these points.

As we said before, belts are straps to hold your pants in place. Most belts are made up of leather or heavy clothes because they are durable and flexible materials. Belts play an important role in expressing the personality and style of the wearer, like any other fashion accessory. As leather belts are the most popular among all, different styles of leather belts are available in the market.

The first point to consider would be the size of leather belts. A well chosen belt is a belt which is in proportion with the body structure of the wearer. As it also expresses your personality, you should spend some time, checking out all the available options. Make sure that the belt is about 4 inches longer than your waistline. Anything longer would look absurd and anything shorter will simply not fit. Generally speaking, you can find the length of the belt on the package itself. If you are buying formal leather belts online, you can find these details among the product descriptions.

You should also have a look at the width of the belt. You can choose belts of different widths, according to your taste. However, the body structure of the wearer is again important because too narrow a belt on a heavyweight is as absurd as too wide a belt on a thinly built man. Generally speaking, a belt with a width of around 1.5 inches would go great with almost everyone and with almost any trouser or pair of jeans. You can choose other width for yourself, if you are comfortable in wearing those.

Coming to the buckle of the belt, you have a few options here as well. First of all, the buckle is the most prominent and important part of any belt. Narrow and flat buckles generally go well with almost every belt and look great on every wearer. If you are dressing formally, you should choose these buckles. You can choose flashy, big buckles if you plan to use them with casual clothes.